About the company

Our main goal is to create an innovative solution for customers all over the world. We select the best equipment suppliers for the Kaspersky Antidrone system and work with leading integrators to ensure excellent results.

About Kaspersky Antidrone

In the autumn of 2018, Kaspersky brought in a team of professional engineers to develop a product to protect against civilian UAVs. At the end of the same year, the Kaspersky Antidrone project became part of the Kaspersky portfolio and started developing as a resident of the innovation center.

The Kaspersky Antidrone hardware and software system protects the airspace over civilian sites and large gatherings from unmanned aerial vehicles. A unique ecosystem, algorithms powered by neural networks and a wide range of site-specific equipment ensure a high standard of anti-UAV measures.

Kaspersky Antidrone has implemented a series of successful projects in Russia and abroad, uniting technology partners within its ecosystem to create a cutting-edge hardware and software solution.

Kaspersky experts have been awarded UAV defense patents and have implemented groundbreaking projects for critical infrastructure, large-scale public events and private properties. Our proficiency and expertise have also proven to be effective when it comes to advising on UAV interactions.

Technology partners

Partnership agreements with the world’s leading suppliers of detection equipment ensure the compatibility of all the system’s software and hardware components. Our partners include manufacturers of all types of sensors, which guarantees a wide choice for the customer and flexibility when configuring the overall solution.

We are actively developing Kaspersky Antidrone and welcome collaboration with developers and manufacturers of laser scanners, sector radars, thermal sensors, video cameras, microphones and devices for radio frequency and infrared scanning.

Integration partners

Our partners ensure the level of quality and expertise expected at Kaspersky. Integration partners provide regional customer support and high-quality deployment of Kaspersky Antidrone.

Kaspersky Antidrone builds strong relationships with integrators around the world so that in every country it is possible to integrate and support customers, purchase the best equipment and obtain certification. We welcome new integration partners and the opportunity to work on innovative projects together.

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