Kaspersky Antidrone software

The Kaspersky Antidrone system controls and coordinates the hardware modules, providing uninterrupted monitoring of airspace and an instant response to incidents through the use of computer vision and neural networks.

Software benefits

  • Simple operation

    Monitoring of airspace and collection of data on past incidents is performed in a user-friendly interface

  • Precise alerts

    Notifications are marked according to detection and classification: it is always clear what actions should be taken

  • Access via API

    All gathered data can be accessed via API for internal security systems

Instant detection

The system performs a continuous search for objects and detects a UAV in less than 1 second.

Laser scanning

Kaspersky Antidrone uses laser scanning technology, which offers the advantage of long-range detection at any time of the day without the need for additional permission.

Intuitive interface

For ease of use, alerts are only triggered by a UAV, while false alarms are handled by the system without user involvement, making the interface and work with the system simple and intuitive.

Advanced analytics

After detection of an object and the processing of information, its positional data: range, height and speed, are transmitted to the interface and become available in the event list.

Interactive maps

Maps supporting autonomous operation are used within the system, which eliminates the possibility of any breach of security system integrity and protects the client’s corporate data.

Safe neutralization

The system automatically detects the distance to an object, accurately differentiating between the observation zone and jamming zone, and when the object enters the perimeter it establishes autonomous control of the neutralization modules.

Demo launch of the system

Kaspersky Antidrone has been implemented at sites in Russia and abroad. Check out the system in action by running a demo scenario.