Kaspersky Antidrone solution

Kaspersky Antidrone protects the airspace from drones by providing detection, classification and neutralization of unmanned aerial vehicles. This mobile or stationary system is effective at sites of all sizes.

Solution benefits

  • Instantaneous detection

    Neural network and machine vision technology determines and classifies a UAV in less than 1 second

  • Advanced data protection

    Setup can be performed offline to protect corporate information and avoid data leakage

  • Highly scalable

    The system is adaptable for stationary and mobile objects and also scalable for small and large territories

Scalable hardware and software system

  • Stationary system

    Stationary version is used to protect static objects.

    • Initial detection module
    • Classification and neutralization modules
    • Control server
    • Software
    • Hardware by site type
  • Mobile system

    Mobile version is suitable for public events and remote locations.

    • Mobile platform
    • Initial detection module
    • Classification and neutralization modules
    • Control server
  • Software integration

    Used when equipment is installed to monitor the territory and airspace of a site.

    • Hardware assessment
    • System project
    • Software integration

How Kaspersky Antidrone works

  1. Monitoring

    The system searches for objects in real time around the clock within a radius of up to 2000 meters from the sensor.

  2. Detection

    In the sensor coverage area, the system analyzes flying objects and reports an approaching UAV, while birds or airplanes do not cause false alarms.

  3. Classification

    Artificial intelligence technology determines the model and characteristics of the drone, then transmits the information to the neutralization module.

  4. Neutralization

    The Kaspersky Antidrone solution integrates with a wide range of hardware to provide secure neutralization.

  5. Interface

    An intuitive interface for interacting with the system reports all cases of UAV detection and neutralization.