Protection of airspace during public events

For stadiums, outdoor competitions and other public events, Kaspersky Antidrone offers both mobile and stationary solutions that ensure the safety of spectators and participants.

UAVs over public events

With the development of unmanned technology, organizers of mass events around the world have recognized the benefits of aerial imagery. It is now normal to see drones above stadiums, open-air sporting events and street festivals. However, the ability to film and create a dramatic effect using drones is offset by the risks they pose in the event of unauthorized use.

Kaspersky Antidrone

  • Keeps people safe
  • Prevents the delivery of prohibited goods
  • Protects against unauthorized filming
  • Warns about risk of drone collisions

Choosing a solution

  • Project

    Kaspersky Antidrone adapts to the type and threat landscape of a site with the ability to integrate into existing security and monitoring systems

  • Deployment

    The layout of the detection, classification and neutralization modules is adapted to the specific event format and provides both a mobile and stationary version of the solution

  • Setup

    Configuration and demonstration of the Kaspersky Antidrone system takes place over one day, after which the client is provided with detailed instructions on how to use the solution

  • Launch

    Kaspersky Antidrone operates in continuous airspace monitoring mode: detection and classification are performed automatically 24 hours a day

Use case

1000×1000 m
Project specifics
An important condition for mass events is selecting the optimal system, which can be both mobile and stationary, with the ability to distinguish whether a drone is friend or foe.
The Kaspersky Antidrone solution
Often stadiums are located in built-up areas, so a combination of laser scanner and RF scanning is used as the main detection module because neither requires special permission. Two high-resolution cameras on rotary platforms were added to the project as classification modules in difficult weather conditions. The neutralization module can be integrated into Kaspersky Antidrone software when the client receives additional certificates and permissions.
Implementation period
3—6 months