Processing module

The module is a system server. The server is portable, which allows you to deploy the system at a convenient location. It processes all the data from the sensors and makes security decisions.

Intel Core i7
32 GB
Hard disk
512 GB SSD
Graphics card
25 kg
Operating temperature range from
-20 °С
Operating temperature range to
+40 °С
Power supply
~220 V, 1000 W

See also

Mounted rotating module

This module classifies an object at any time of day thanks to thermal imaging cameras, determines the distance to the object and performs targeting, waiting for a command to be sent to the jamming device.

Panoramic camera

Basic airspace scanning technology, effective on small scale sites as well as in areas with varying building heights.

Sectoral camera

This type of camera is used for specific areas of a site perimeter where high-precision monitoring and a high detection range are required.

Thermal camera

Module with thermal imaging cameras providing highly accurate detection of airborne objects day and night.

Radio frequency scanner

RF scanning is suitable for large sites, including those in urban areas, regardless of time of day or weather conditions, with the ability to determine the location of the pilot.


Radar-based detection device suitable for use at large sites areas, day and night, in all weather conditions.


Laser scanning technology provides 360-degree monitoring of airspace within a radius of up to 1 kilometer. The technology does not require additional permits and can be used at sites within city limits.


The microphone module improves the efficiency of primary detection by using audio sensors.

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