Kaspersky Antidrone live demonstration in Greece

Kaspersky Antidrone live demonstration was held in Athens. The event attracted lots of technical professionals who follow the latest trends in cyber-physical security. Feel free to join our next Kaspersky Antidrone customer event in Athens — follow the link.

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About the event

Kaspersky Antidrone is innovative solution, designed to monitor civilian drones and protect from the threats that they might create. This technology provides real-time monitoring of airspace using advanced algorithms for detection, identification, tracking, and neutralization of drones.

The purpose of the demonstration was to show how Kaspersky Antidrone solution can provide an effective countermeasure against malicious UAVs. During the live demo, experts from Kaspersky showcased their comprehensive solution which includes AI-powered software and hardware parts of the solution.

The attendees were given an overview at how Kaspersky Antidrone works on the football field. They saw how it detects potential threats from UAVs. Public events and such objects like stadiums, sports fields require reliable protection from malicious drones.

The demonstration also included a detailed presentation on the system’s architecture, abilities and features — all of which are designed to provide maximum protection against all types of civilian drones threats. The experts discussed various scenarios where the protection from malicious drone attacks can be employed — critical infrastructure, airports or power plants.

“One of the competitive advantage of Kaspersky Antidrone is the civilian friendly approach. Our solution, has been developed, in order to operate within the civilian environment, and therefore it does not create more problems than the ones it solves”, comments Kaspersky Channel Manager Greece & Cyprus Vasilious Vlahos.

Feel free to join our next Kaspersky Antidrone customer event in Athens — follow the link

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