Kaspersky Drone Security Day 2023

The second Kaspersky Drone Security Day for the commercial drone market was held at SkyRiver (Moscow) in August. This Kaspersky event is devoted to civil UAV segment and its security and involves all the market professionals.

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About the event

This year, central stage belonged to the ever-evolving threat landscape and ways of civil drone detection and prevention. Speakers uncovered such topics as:

  • Modern civil drones threats and counter-drone solutions
  • Kaspersky Antidrone installation at industrial plant
  • Development of omnichannel jamming antenna
  • UAV monitoring and mitigation at regional level
  • FPV drones and how to pilot them

Kaspersky Antidrone experts shared their professional insights and demonstrated work of Kaspersky Antidrone Portable. External speakers such as State Air Traffic Management Corporation of the Russian Federation, ITMO University and others, gave their presentations and shared experience in UAV and C-UAV area.

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