Kaspersky Antidrone

Protecting airspace from drones

Countering drones — detection, classification and neutralization at sites of all sizes.

Kaspersky Antidrone

The stand-alone Kaspersky Antidrone solution uses a neural network to detect and classify drones in automatic mode. Sensors, selected specifically for each site, in combination with AI-based technology, signal that a drone is approaching the controlled zone.

  • Detection

    Initial detection of objects in the air is performed using a variety of audio and video sensors, as well as laser scanning and analysis of radio frequencies.

  • Classification

    Kaspersky Antidrone determines the type and model of drone in less than 1 second and the data is displayed on the user interface, where the system signals any unauthorized flights.

  • Neutralization

    The system transmits a control signal to the hardware neutralization module when danger appears and displays the situation in real time.

  • Protection of airport airspace

    Kaspersky Antidrone protects the airport territory from malicious or unintentional use of UAVs, preventing the risk of schedule disruption, airborne collisions and threats to human life.

  • Protection of industrial airspace

    Kaspersky Antidrone's modular hardware and software system reduces the probability of process outages and ensures the safety of employees by preventing unauthorized drones from entering the territory of industrial facilities.

  • Protection of airspace during public events

    For stadiums, outdoor competitions and public events, Kaspersky Antidrone offers both mobile and stationary solutions that ensure the safety of spectators and participants.

Complex solution

  • Software

    Kaspersky Antidrone software controls and coordinates the hardware modules of the system, ensuring efficient operation and integration into new or already existing equipment.

    • Instant detection and classification
    • Operates without an internet connection
    • Connection via API for enhanced SOC
    • Integration into SIEM systems
  • Hardware

    The hardware is selected to suit the type of site and tasks to ensure airspace protection. Kaspersky Antidrone can also be configured as a stationary or mobile hardware and software system.

    • Audio
    • Video
    • Laser scanning
    • Thermal imaging
    • Radar
    • Radio frequency scanning
  • Ecosystem

    Continuous real-time monitoring of airspace takes place in the control panel, where alerts are received and data on past incidents are collected.

    • Intuitive interface
    • Module layout in the interface
    • Precise threat level alerts
    • Display of objects of any size

Demo launch of the system

Kaspersky Antidrone has been implemented at sites in Russia and abroad. Check out the system in action by running a demo scenario.